The Portola Music Festival is happening on Pier 80 in San Francisco, but people in Alameda say they can hear the music as well. The Alameda Police Department issued a community alert after getting several calls about the noise Saturday.

That’s what people in Alameda were hearing Saturday night.

I kept thinking it was cars going by with music booming in their car then I would open the window and then it would go away and then I closed the window and I thought, was it the TV? Then, I’d turn the TV off and I would hear it again, said Mary Lou Krauland.

Krauland says she spent the night trying to figure out what the sound was.

I was more frustrated that I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, she said.

She thought it may have been from a concert at the Oakland Coliseum, but it sounded too far away.

Eventually I fell asleep, Krauland said.

It wasn’t until the morning when she spoke to her daughter that she told her it may be from the Portola music festival. Jenene Curtis lives on the west side of town near Webster Street.

It also took her some time to realize it was coming from the festival.

And that it was really loud and people could hear it over here so then I realized it was what was going on, Curtis said.

The police department received so many complaints that they issued this alert letting people know that they have limited ability to address the issue.

A lot of people were complaining on the Alameda Peeps, it’s a Facebook page, Curtis said.

At the festival itself, there have been other issues. Video shows a crowd of people jumping barriers to get closer to the stage.

The event organizer says it’s an isolated incident. No injuries were reported.