Marvel and Iron Maiden have joined forces for some swell holiday gifts for heavy-metal loving comic fans.  Senjutsu Eddie with Wolverine?  Deadpool as a Stranger In a Strange Land?  Yup.

Just in time to make it under the tree (supply chain willing) Marvel/Maiden have put out an assortment of apparel that highlight iconic Marvel characters and the notorious Eddie.

This collaboration interweaves the universes of both brands, with designs that pay tribute to Marvel characters in unique variations of iconic album and single artwork such as “Fear of the Dark,” “The Trooper” and “Killers.”

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood comments, “Eddie has long stood shoulder to shoulder with the greatest super heroes and we’re also pretty proud of the Worlds we created for his many incarnations – from battlefields to Egyptian tombs to frozen icescapes or futuristic cities. We think that the twist of placing Venom, Thanos, Thor or Deadpool in our Maiden worlds will excite fans of both cultures.”

Looks like it’s T-shirts and sweaters for now.  Check out some more of the stuff below and then scroll down for info on how to order.

You can buy most of the clothing in Iron Maiden’s store.

Some T-shirts are exclusive to German Heavy Metal E-Tailer EMP, featured at the top. Not sure where they might be shipped from but if you don’t care how long they take to get to you, there are a couple designs you can’t get anywhere else. You can access them here or here.

Merry Christmas!

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